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Comforting and classic, woodburning appliances are unparalleled in their rustic beauty. Minnesota Chimney installs Osburn and MF Fire models. Current government tax incentives can save homeowners up to 30% on qualifying models. See below for details.

Installation of an Osburn Everest II woodburning fireplace
Woodburning appliances

Wood fireplaces

Wood fireplaces, or factory built wood fireplaces, are framed into a wall and may or may not contain masonry elements. Because they do not slide into an existing masonry firebox, there are no size constraints.

  • Newer models meeting modern efficiency standards can provide enough output to heat a home.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and traditional or modern styles.
  • Model shown is the Osburn Everest II.

Woodburning appliances

Wood stoves

Freestanding wood stoves are self-contained heating units, perched either on legs or a pedestal. They’re capable of enormous heat output and are a great way to gain heat and ambiance right away—they just need to be set in a room and properly vented.

  • Classic, rustic look.
  • Doesn’t require an existing fireplace—can be installed anywhere.
  • Model shown is the Osburn 2000 series.
Installation of an Osburn 2000 freestanding wood stove.

Installation of an Osburn Matrix 2700 wood stove insert.
Woodburning appliances

Wood stove inserts

Wood stove inserts are intended to slide into an open-masonry fireplace and consequently are constrained by the size of the existing firebox. A fireplace faceplate covers any gap between the unit and the edge of the fireplace.

  • Closed combustion system capable of huge heat output.
  • Modern models can top 75% in heating efficiency.
  • Model shown is the Osburn Matrix 2700 series.

Woodburning appliances

Tax incentives!

Select products and their installation may be eligible for the Biomass Stove tax credit, up to a 30% credit under Sec 25(D) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

Biomass stoves (including wood stoves and wood stove inserts) with a thermal efficiency rating of at least 75% qualify for a credit up to $2,000 per year. Costs may include labor for installation. Some helpful links:

Federal tax incentives for woodburning appliances.

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