Installation of insulated stainless steel chimney liner.

Chimney Repair Services


We offer a full array of chimney repair services, from exterior masonry repair to complete rebuilds, as well as interior restoration such as stainless steel liner installation, fireplace repair and tuckpointing, and smoke chamber parging. For those who wish to explore removing an unused chimney, we offer that service as well.

Full chimney rebuild by Minnesota Chimney.
Chimney repair

Chimney rebuilds

When masonry or mortar deteriorates due to long-term exposure to the elements or sudden events, some or all of the structure can be rebuilt with new brick and mortar. Minnesota Chimney offers the following chimney rebuild options:

  • Full rebuild from the ground up
  • Roofline rebuild
  • Partial rebuild, from one to several courses

Chimney repair

Chimney liners

When the clay flue tiles that come standard with new chimneys show signs of wear, including cracks and missing mortar, the most efficient and reliable solution is to install an insulated stainless steel chimney liner.

Fireplace liner installation also includes parging of the smoke chamber, to secure the liner in place, and installation of a top-mounted damper.

Installation of an insulated stainless steel chimney liner.

Installation of a poured-concrete chimney crown.
Chimney repair

Chimney crowns

The chimney crown, sometimes referred to as a wash, is typically made of concrete, reinforced with rebar and wire mesh. It covers the top of the chimney and overhangs the edge to facilitate the shedding of water. The crown is built around the top flue tile, which features expansion joints to prevent cracking during the contraction/expansion of the freeze/thaw cycle.

Chimney repair

Chimney caps & covers

Chimney caps can cover a single flue or multiple flues and are designed to prevent the entry of water and animals into the flue. Some of the caps and covers that we provide include the following:

  • Full-coverage chimney caps
  • Metal chase covers
  • Fireplace flue caps (aka spark arrestors or rain caps)
  • Type B utility flue caps
Chimney repair services by Minnesota Chimney

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