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Chimney Rebuilds

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When tuckpointing and brick replacement are insufficient to fully restore a chimney, a rebuild is in order. Depending on the extent of disrepair, recommended work could be a rebuild from the ground up, from the roofline up—or just a few courses. During a partial rebuild, the deteriorated brick courses are removed to the point where the structure is solid and intact, and the chimney is rebuilt with new bricks and fresh mortar, topping it off with a newly poured crown. 

A chimney rebuild from the roofline up.
Chimney Rebuilds

Roofline chimney rebuild

Our most common rebuild. The chimney is torn down to the roofline and built back up to a code-compliant height. If chimney is on a ridge, with no brick visible below the roofline, customer can select the brick color of their choice for the rebuild.

  • Finished with a poured-concrete crown with a 2-inch overhang.
  • Any cracked or compromised top flue tiles are replaced.
  • Proper chimney caps are reinstalled or replaced.

Chimney Rebuilds

Full chimney rebuild

A tear-down and rebuild of the chimney from the ground upward beyond the roofline, in compliance with the 3-2-10 rule (or IRC R1003.9).

All-new brick can be selected in color of customer’s choice. Depending on the condition of the interior chimney, a full rebuild may include rebuilding of the firebox and smoke chamber and installation of a new clay flue tile liner or a stainless steel liner.

A full chimney rebuild, from the ground up.

Limestone ledge divider used in a chimney rebuild
Chimney rebuilds

Partial rebuild w/limestone divider

When a good portion of the chimney is intact and only the top several courses need rebuilding, a limestone divider provides a beautiful visual break between the longstanding brick below and the new brick above.

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